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Castleconnell Flood Relief Scheme

Castleconnell is located approximately 10km north east of Limerick city. The village centre is located approximately 1km off the old Limerick/Dublin national road. The village has developed in a linear fashion along the banks of the River Shannon with the Main Street running parallel to the River. The topography of Castleconnell and surrounding areas is largely low-lying.

The main watercourse influencing flooding in Castleconnell is the ‘Old Shannon River’ and it’s feeder streams within the village; Stradbally East Stream, Cloon Island Stream and Cedarwood Stream. 

Significant flooding occurred in November/December of 2009 as a result of record rainfall levels in the catchment. This resulted in the flooding and evacuation of several properties as well as the closure of some roads within the village. It is generally accepted that this flood event has a return period of approximately 1 in 100-years (1% AEP).

Two subsequent storms of lesser magnitude occurred in November/December 2015 and February/March 2020 following prolonged periods of rainfall and numerous storms in the preceding months. The Limerick City & County Council Emergency Response Plan prevented flooding of the majority of properties in 2015 and of any properties in 2020.

The OPW Shannon Upper & Lower River Basin CFRAM Study concluded that a flood relief scheme would be viable and effective for the Castleconnell community. Flood Relief Schemes are by their nature very complex projects, which require extensive analysis and consideration prior to an appropriate scheme being identified. With this in mind, Limerick City & County Council, along with project partners the OPW, have appointed the 'JBA Consulting Engineers & Scientist Ltd.' and 'JB Barry & Partners Ltd.' joint venture team to assess, develop and design a viable, cost-effective and sustainable flood relief scheme which aims to minimise risk to the existing community, social amenity, environment and landscape character.

This website has been set up to provide information to anyone who is interested in the scheme and to keep you informed of the project's progress.